kiss on a napkinLast week I went ahead and decided to take some of my own advice (for once) by taking fall’s big beauty trend, wine lips, for a test drive.  I spent a solid twenty minutes perusing my local Sephora (complete with live DJ) looking for the perfect shade of wine lipstick for my pout.  I went from Buxom to YSL to NARS… There’s gotta be a better way than testing on the back of my hand, right?  Anyway, fifteen shades later and I decided on one from Makeup Forever

wine lipstickOh, whoops.  Shall we just say that shade #13 (Purple) was not exactly the look I had been going for?  I know I joke that my new darker locks are a bit goth, but it’s a bit early for Halloween.  There was no way in the world I was going to head out on the town looking like Marilyn Manson.  So, I attempted to wipe off my less than beautiful mistake.   Ruh roh.  This lip lacquer wasn’t budging.  It took a couple of makeup wipes and a pinch of patience before I was able to get this goop gone.

24 hour lip color

Makeup Forever  Aqua Rouge, $24

Had this shade been one that worked for me, I would have been ecstatic.  Finally a product that does what it says.  I’m telling you, this lipstick would have made it through a six course dinner, serious makeout sesh, or an entire evening of karaoke.  So, let’s just call it a happy accident.  I may have gotten the wrong shade, but I certainly will be swapping it out for a more flattering lipcolor sure to last me through the evening… and maybe even til morning.



P.S. manicure is OPI gel manicure in Malaga Wine