frizzy to straightAs you may recall (seeing as it’s only now just begun to cool down), this summer was one for the record books in regards to heat and humidity.  That made it nearly impossible for me to keep my tresses even the slightest bit tame.  I’d walk out the door feeling all fair maiden and fifteen minutes later looked like a crazy pirate.  I’d tried just about every sample I’d ever amassed but to no avail.  It was clear I was going to need some reinforcements.

When I walked into Sephora, I hadn’t planned on asking for help.  I am more of an adventurer.  I like to weather the storm solo for the most part.  However, after looking at labels and comparing ingredients, it became clear that I had to get some assistance.  Mayday!  Mayday!  The woman whose attention I caught was every bit delightful, but when I evaluated her closely cropped haircut, I figured I’d enlisted the wrong first mate for this voyage.

She giggled at the fact that we both knew she didn’t suffer from the same hair woes, but she did lead me over to Bumble and bumble Straight Blow Dry and assured me that it was a store favorite.  I took her word (and a sample sized version) and made my way to the checkout counter before docking back at home.

I was most certainly skeptical as I stared at my freshly washed locks in the mirror.  I squeezed out a bit of the creme and worked it through my hair.  First thing I noticed was the very pleasant smell, followed by how easily it combed through my hair after application.  My tresses blew quite straight without the help of a flat iron (which I did use after my hair was completely dry).  Raising my left eyebrow at my now stick straight hair, I knew it was time to put this product to the real test.

Off I went into the muggy August evening, expecting my hair to soon make me two inches taller in frizz.  To my delight, not only was my ‘do still in tact after reaching my destination, it stayed straight all evening without feeling sticky or stiff.  The real testament to this miracle potion was the fact that I arose in the morning with hair just as (okay, nearly) lovely as when I’d gone to bed.  Ahoy!

bumble and bumbleBumble and bumble Straight Blow Dry, $28