pointed nail trend 2012Nail art has fast become a girl’s way of expressing herself on the cheap.  Well, cheaper than a closet full of Lanvin.  Long gone are the days of the mundane Ballet Slippers and neutral nail.  We’ve graduate from glitter to full blown graphic designs.  But what happens when things go a little too far… as in too far from your cuticle?

celebrities pointy nail trendCelebrities from Beyonce to Fergie have been seen with nails that resemble those of Lee Press On’s gone rogue.  I was just hoping this would be one of those trends that catches on like wildfire in a rainstorm.  Sadly, it’s only gotten more popular and I’ve seen more than a few fashionistas walking around with sharpened claws.  As a matter of fact, the other day I saw a young lady with nails so long she could have retired her utensils and just speared her steak with her fingernails.  Better yet, they probably could have used her assistance back in the kitchen.  Here’s to hoping she doesn’t wear contact lenses and has an iPhone with Siri to transcribe her text messages.

Listen, I’m all for funky phalanges, but I’m worried girls are catty enough without claws.  What do you think of this extended trend?