licking cupcakeHave you ever been too busy to be mad?  Well, that’s been my life as of late.  I’ve had so many visitors and been working on so many things that even when annoying stuff happened, I couldn’t really be bothered with it… ’cause I didn’t have the time.  So, there’s this week’s life lesson… stay busy, stay happy.

But alas, I know how much you all enjoy a good ol’ list.  So here she blows:

balloon popped

  1. Admitting when you’re wrong.
  2. This is how you know that your neighborhood is no longer “edgy.” patagonia store
  3. Why must good posture be so uncomfortable?
  4. Guys who think they need to be “courted” like girls.  Um, no. boys are dogs
  5. Violence.  Seriously though, can’t we all just get along?

make a balloon animal

  1. Passing out.  Drinking rose.  Not skipping a beat. drinking rose
  2. Four girls, two dogs, one bed, one couch.
  3. The look of surprise when you smile at a stranger.
  4. Visual contradictions. christian louboutin west village
  5. Admitting when you’re wrong.

Have a great weekend… and remember, never cry over spilled rose.