Setting the Mood: Baby, There’s a Shark in the Water

skarksSo apparently it’s everyone’s (except for me) favorite week.  What week is that you may ask?  Oh, just Shark Week.  Why sharks are so intriguing to the general population, I will never completely understand.  I don’t see why we don’t have something like “Koala Bear Week” instead.  Full disclosure:  I have no interest in sharks.  They scare me  and you aren’t going to find me in a shark cage anytime this century.  I’m not even going to lie- just looking up these pictures of sharks made me nervous.  But, I aim to please so strap on your scuba tank, churn up the chum, and keep your eyes peeled for Jaws… ’cause I’m getting involved in Shark Week the only way I know how: with some “shark-cessories.”  (I just made that up).

shark jewelry1. Charles Albert Megalodon Shark Tooth Pendant Necklace, $315, 2. Dezso by Sara Beltran Shark Tooth and Garnet Stud Earrings, $850, 3. Vanessa Mooney Charm & Chain Tooth Bracelet, $48.50, 4. Paul Smith iPhone 4 Case, $125, 5. Heather Hawkins Double Layer Shark Tooth Necklace, $154

Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to go take a Xanax.



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