life is hardIn all seriousness, it probably would have been easier to just write the list in its original form (all bad, all the time).  But I’ve made an effort to take a look on the bright side, so I managed to scrounge up equal parts happy as well as heinous.

  1. Men in sweatpants in public.  I don’t want to get too graphic here, but uh… it’s like the equivalent of a girl with no bra.  Catch what I’m saying?man in sweat pants
  2. Receiving emails like this.  When will men learn that this has the opposite of intended effect?name drop email
  3. “Fashion” segments on the Today show and the likes.  No wonder most of America look like assholes.
  4. Everyone who thinks he/she is going to get rich like a Zuckerberg by buying Facebook stock.  Please stop.
  5. Herve dress with Louis Vuitton bag and Louboutin heels.  Don’t be so obvious.  (J. Love Hewitt… ahem).

smiling cat

  1. Um… this guy. puppy in glasses
  2. Taking my grandma ice cream cones cause she’s decided that’s all she’s going to eat.
  3. Uh… Pittsburgh Dad.
  4. My new camera!  No more blurry photos! canon t3i rebel
  5. Berries for breakfast. berries and granola