green tree gateEver since I was a little girl, I always loved dressing up in my mother’s clothes.  Much to her chagrin, sometimes that included climbing trees and running barefoot in the backyard.  I’m lucky enough that she kept some of her favorite pieces, which also happen to be some of my favorite pieces.  I’m also lucky that I didn’t ruin said pieces while playing princess of the jungle with my big brothers.  One particular dress is a buttoned up crochet minidress that I once contemplated removing the lining from (glad I didn’t go through with that brilliant move).  Though not all of mom’s vintage treasures are quite timeless enough to take to the the street, I think this little number could certainly turn a few modern day heads.

vintage crochet dress

vintage crochet dress

striped wedges

crochet dress

I may be too old for princess of the jungle and make believe, but I’ll never outgrow a good game of dress up.