clear plastic heelsWhen putting together the perfect head to toe look, shoes have often been one of my greatest frustrations.  Don’t get me wrong, I love shoes, but why do I never have the right ones?  Not owning the right footwear to put the finishing touches on an otherwise impeccable ensemble, can leave me writhing on my closet floor and contemplating whether I should even bother leaving the house today.  I mean, who needs Wednesday anyway?

Even if you have all the “staple” shoes in your shoe rack, there are still times, when none of them will do.  It’s almost as if you’d be better off going barefoot and trying to call it a “Cinderella.”  What if there was such a thing as an invisible shoe?  Something that would give you those extra five inches of Gisele?  Something that no one would really notice.  Oh, right… there are such shoes…

clear heels3.1 Phillip Lim Cody d’Orsay Heels, $625

No, but seriously… do you remember those?  Prom, homecoming?  Anyone?  You’re all a bunch of liars.  I owned not one, but two pairs of clear heels during my time in highschool.  They accompanied me to several formal dances and assisted me in gracing the dancefloor with my sweet, sweet moves.  I’m not exactly sure how shoes most often associated with strippers and working the pole became au courant, but it would appear that they are, yet again, making another attempt at popularity.  Kinda like that head cheerleader who always stole your seat in precalculus.  So, whattya say?  Would you wear these abominations to footwear?