The holidays and weeks leading up to them can really bring out the best in people.  More often than not though, it brings out the worst.  It seems like some of you completely forget what the season is all about and chuck your manners right out the window.  Get it together, people.

  1. Ugly Christmas sweater parties. This is kind of like an 80’s party to me.  Why do you want to purposefully look bad when there are so many other fun things you could be wearing?  Like sequins?
  2. Speaking of which… SantaCon.  You could traumatize a lot of little children.  Do you want to live with that kind of guilt?
  3. Fitted sheets.
  4. The Lea Michele/Ashton Kutcher rumors.  Ashton, if this is your rebound, we need to talk.  Have your people call my people.  You’re better than this.
  5. Jeffrey Campbell Lita boots.  I don’t care how you try and spin it.  These are ugly.  Not to mention likely to result in a sprained ankle.  And is looking like a clown on stilts really worth a hairline fracture? 
  6. Blue Christmas lights.
  7. The Post Office.  In general, but especially during the holiday rush.  I have better things to do with the next two hours of my life…. but I’ll wait.
  8. Lindsay Lohan’s “leaked” Playboy pictures.  The entire thing is a problem. 
  9. Bruised bananas.
  10. Regifted gifts.  If you don’t want it… what makes you think I would?

Image via Harriet the Spy