If you can’t beat em… join em.  Since, we’re clearly overly socialized and technology is only going to get more intense from here, might as well look good while we’re surfing the web/catching up on reading/chatting with friends/etc.  You know how I know tech is a big deal?  Go to one of your favorite fashion shopping sites… I’m willing to bet they now have a tab under accessories that says, “Tech Accessories.”  I would, however, like to point out that there are few and far between (if any) accessories for the Blackberry.  Coincidence?  … Anyway, a gift that is certain to delight even your most tech savvy friends is something to outfit her favorite electronic device.  Since it will probably spend more time on the table than hidden in the depths of her bag, it’s going to need to look good too.

1. Jagger Edge The Montana Studded iPhone Case, $99, 2. Jimmy Choo Glitter iPad Case, $495, 3. Juicy Couture Synched to the Stars Ear Buds, $47, 4. Henri Bendel Snake iPhone Cover, $68, 5. Marc by Marc Jacobs Stacked Heart USB, $42, 6. Diane von Furstenberg Heart Print Ear Buds, $25, 7. Jagger Edge Studded iPad Case, $198, 8. Balenciaga Arena Classic Screen, $565, 9. Echo Cheetah Touch Gloves $38