I may be what some call a “snob” when it comes to knitwear.  You can thank Henri Bendel for that.  You see, I had the pleasure of working in the product development/buying department of their private label knitwear.  While, they sell silk and merino wool sweaters as well, there really is nothing quite like the soft sumptuous hand of cashmere.  Once I’d gotten my hands on it, there was no turning back for me.  I’m not sure if anyone has ever said it before but I will gladly be the first to say, “If it’s not cashmere, I can’t be bothered.”  After experiencing all that is cashmere, I couldn’t imagine wanting to wear anything else.  Bendel’s, quite famous for their cashmere, spun this fine fiber into the likes of pajamas, pillows, blankets, slippers- you name it, it was cashmere.  They have since downsized, but I kind of feel like a life wrapped in cashmere is how the good Lord intended it.




Sweater: Henri Bendel Cashmere V-Neck, $158

Scarf: Artemis Wragge The Gossamer Cashmere Scarf, $355

Arm Warmers: Donna Karan Ribbed Cashmere Arm Warmers, $450

Jumpsuit: Crumpet Flared Cashmere Jumpsuit, $670