It’s no secret ’round these parts that I’m pretty obsessed with nails, nailpolish, nail designs, etc.  If I can put it on my nails, I’m probably going to (or already have) tried it.  This has a lot to do with my inability to keep anything on my nails.  My fingernails are like nailpolish teflon.  Ain’t nothing sticking to these pretty phalanges.  I tried several different types of gel manicures on several different occasions and while it had it’s advantages, I wasn’t totally impressed with the removal process and it is also so hard to find a salon that actually knows how to do it properly.  So… when I heard about Nutra Nail’s Gel Perfect at home gel manicure kit, I was already halfway out the door and on my way to Rite Aid to pick it up.  

Now, here I am.  Testing out my at home gel manicure.  (Why yes, since you ask, that is Miranda and I am watching Sex and the City).  The directions are pretty explicit and may induce a mild case of anxiety, but there is no need.  There are three bottles: one of activator (step 1), one of gel color (step 2), and one of cleaner (step 3).  You apply the activator, then the gel to your first five fingers and then clean the brush.  You will then clean your brush and do the other hand.  This process is repeated and you are all done!  It’s that easy.  You will have shiny dry nails in literally 10 minutes (depending how fast you paint).

So, here’s what it amounts to.  If I was even slightly capable of coloring within the lines, this would be awesome.  If you’re anything like me, however, you’re going to struggle with keeping the gel where it is supposed to be and you’ll probably be sitting there picking at your cuticles and wishing your fine motor skills were up to snuff.  I’m hoping that with normal wear and tear of daily life, some of the cuticle mess will disappear.  If not, I’ll just tell people my two year old niece painted my nails.

I already chipped my thumb nail through airport security… I will keep you posted as to how it holds up and whether or not the No-Mess Express remover does, in fact, remove the gel without ripping off my nailbeds.