Like I said, I think people really enjoy holidays like Halloween because it allows them to escape their reality and be someone or something else for a day.  Feeling a need to transport yourself from an everyday mundane pencil pushing 9 to 5 for just one night of fun is one thing.  However, when you start living your life as a self created character on a day to day basis, it’s time to re-evaluate.

There’s a lot of pressure to present yourself in a certain fashion.  Maybe you hang around a fancy pants crew and feel as though you’ve got to keep up with the Joneses.  Or maybe you feign an interest in something that your boyfriend enjoys because you want him to like you more.  Whatever the case may be, you’ve got to get exhausted eventually, no?  Keeping up appearances is not easy… especially when it’s something foreign to you.

Throughout life, we do change.  We change based on experiences, age, and circumstances.  We are shaped by our environment and we learn new things and meet new people.  All of these things are what mold us into who we are.  What you can’t forget is that piece of you that’s always been there.  Your core.  It’s so easy to forget who you and to where you came from with all the noise and garbage out there.  Sometimes we want to forget because it’s a painful place or maybe it’s just embarrassing.  But why should you be embarrassed of what makes you you?  Over the years, I’ve met lots of people from all walks of life.  The people I love most are those with interesting stories and imperfect lives.  They are the people who acknowledge their faults and… embrace them.  It’s endearing to be around someone like that.  Even though your backgrounds might not be exactly the same, you form a camaraderie.  It’s much easier to be yourself around someone who is being his or herself.  That’s what real relationships are made of.

It’s true.  You can be whoever you want.  Just know that eventually being anyone other than yourself will catch up to (a very exhausted) you.  Take a minute and look at yourself in the mirror.  Remember the girl who’s behind the mask.  See all the things that make you beautiful, perfect or not.

So maybe Halloween is more than just one day a year… After all, we’re all wearing masks, aren’t we?



Photo via SuccessCreations