You know… I should probably list my afternoon as part of the list.  Cause apparently, my phone dying equates to then taking a nap… which, of course, negates any plans of working out… So I spent my evening eating pasta, M&M’s, and Sour Patch Kids (and, of course, washing it all down with wine). I’m disgusting and should be ashamed of myself.  But I’m not.

  1. Apple martinis.
  2. Spiral staircases.  Good in theory.  Bad in practice.
  3. Re-runs of House Hunters International.  How is it possible that I’ve seen them all?  Oh that’s right…
  4. Fake handwashers.  Why even bother putting in the effort to pretend?  At that rate you coulda just actually washed your hands!
  5. Ants.
  6. Skank stripe highlights.  Are we still doing that?  Pretty sure subtle is in.
  7. Mean Girls 2.  Did this really need to happen?
  8. Cottonelle toilet paper covers.  Isn’t this a modified version of the knitted covers your granny used to have?  And whatever happened to putting your TP under the sink?
  9. A bad facial.  A bad massage.  Any bad spa service, as a matter  of fact.  There is nothing more unfulfilling.
  10. Chris Brown.
Alright, well, it’s time for another handful of M&M’s.