While the days of backyard barbecues and beach volleyball may be dwindling, there’s no need to fret.  The world is not ending, my friend.  Nothing warms the heart (or the home) like entertaining close friends in your very own cozy abode.  The temperature is dropping and it seems to get dark by the time you’ve arrived home from a long day at the office, so it’s easy to become a bit of a homebody.  But maybe being a homebody isn’t such a bad thing.

The Plan:

Gather a group of your most playful pals for a rousing and raucous game night complete with old school board games, yummy snacks, and silly prizes.

The Invitation:

Start things off and set the tone for the evening by sending out a personalized Mad Libs invite.  Be sure to include all of the relevant information (date, address, time, etc.) and leave blanks for silly adjectives and nouns.  Get creative and be sure to ask guests to share their Mad Libs creations.

The Menu:


Game night isn’t the type of gathering that requires a fancy sit down dinner.  Keep things casual by setting up a “self serve” table with bites that are easy to eat while rolling the dice with one hand.  Mini quiche, delicious dip, and tiny desserts are great options for fun finger food. Arrange your no fuss fare on gameboards and embellish with gamepieces to keep the festive theme consistent.

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