I don’t know a girl who doesn’t delight in receiving roses. The rose is beautiful all on its own. It doesn’t need any extra accoutrements. No baby’s breath. No carnations. It is a straightforward beauty. I would go as far as calling it a “stand alone” flower. I first discovered Rose a la Mode when she was kinda enough to link back to me on a post about the return of flare leg jeans. When I perused her blog, I was impressed with her clean, straightforward, and totally relatable style. She wasn’t all about putting on something cuuuurazy for the shock value. I could tell this was really a peek into Linda’s life and her closet– and for that, I was an immediate fan.

Name: Linda Rose

Wearing: A White T-shirt and Wide leg jeans both from Gap, Platform Sandals from Target, DKNY White Watch, Charm Bracelet

Occupation: Part Time Blogger and Housewife

Hometown/Current Town: St. Louis, MO

I would describe my style as: Easy clothes that everyone can wear…with some extras to make it special

I can’t leave the house without: Burts Bees Lip Balm

Based on wardrobe alone, if I could live in any time period, it would be: The 70’s! I love how glamorous everything was!

Best/biggest splurge (worth every penny): The best hair straightner money can buy. I have frizzy hair and those things work magic for me!

Best fashion advice I’ve ever received: You can wear anything you want as long as you’re confident in it.

Biggest fashion pet peeve (a trend that just needs to go away): Tapered pants (as in baggy on top and skinny at the ankle). They are just not flattering—I don’t care how skinny you are!

What I would tell my 13 year old self: Keep current with the jean trends – that will give away your style intellect every time.

Weirdest beauty trick that I swear by: I don’t use conditioner because I heard that it can burn your hair if you use a flat iron after. I stopped using

conditioner that day and it’s worked for me.

Don’t care if it ever goes out of style, I’m going to keep wearing: SCARVES! They keep me so much warmer in the winter, I couldn’t live without them!

I would love to trade closets with: Jennifer Anniston!

Fun fact: I only started to find my style after I got married in 2005. Before then I had no sense of style.