This morning I woke up to a most pleasant surprise.  No, not breakfast in bed delivered by Brad Pitt (shirtless).  I woke up to the sound of pouring rain and skies so dark they trick you into thinking that it can’t possibly already be 9am.  The sound of the pouring rain was interrupted only by the intermittent rumble of thunder.  Now, I know some of you may be thinking, “What’s wrong with this broad?”  No, I’m not channeling Garbage and am only happy when it rains.  See, they forget to tell you about all the little things you’ll miss when you head to the West.  And when they say, “It never rains in California” it may be a slight exaggeration but even when it does rain there… it certainly doesn’t pour.  Nothing compares to the magic of an East Coast thunderstorm.

Enough lamenting.  While a good thunderstorm may be good for the soul, it sure as heck isn’t good for the hair.  Holy humidity.  I also conveniently forgot how insanely humid the East Coast is.  I had to call in the heavy artillery.

Alterna Bamboo Smooth Kendi Oil Pure Treatment Oil, $24

I recently discovered Alterna’s Kendi Oil (in a sample no less!) and fell for it right away.  It is a double duty beauty product and can be used as a deep conditioner or a styling product to fight frizz as well as breakage.  I’ve tested it out both ways and I’d go ahead and skip the “deep conditioner” aspect and just use it as a styling product.  (At $24 for 1.7 oz, I’d stick with the coconut conditioner from Target).  My hair was much shinier, smoother, and in fact, stronger after just one blowout with Kendi Oil.  However, when tackling the most humid weather, I go ahead and skip the straightener and instead sport a loose braid while my hair air dries.  This is the perfect way to give your tired tresses  a rest and when the rain subsides, you’ll have waves as pretty as the sun.