You know, life is full of up’s and down’s. �It just so happens I like to list the down’s on a weekly basis… right here on “the list.” �I guess I figure that perhaps some of the perpetrators will be reading this very list and say, “Hey! I do that! I guess I should stop.” �Call me an idealist.

  1. Russian Dolls. �Now I’ve seen (and liked) some really bad reality TV… but this…
  2. Spiders. �You guys are disgusting�and you leave a mess behind?
  3. Smart people who pretend to be stupid.
  4. Stupid people who pretend to be smart.
  5. The fact that my six year old niece may very well have nicer lingerie than me soon.
  6. Mondays.
  7. Bad sushi. �Really, is there anything worse?
  8. Fashion shows (ahem, Project Runway) using irrelevant reality stars as guest judges.
  9. Non-reciprocal relationships.
  10. People who don’t quite understand blinkers. �You use them BEFORE you turn. �Not during. Not after.