Miss No Strings Attached in theaters back in January? No worries, you can catch it in theaters now… except this time it’s called Friends with Benefits – oh and they replaced Ashton and Natalie with Justin and Mila. No biggie. Not sure how exactly this slipped through the cracks with movie producers and studio heads, especially when all involved have worked so closely (Black Swan, That 70’s Show). You’d think at some point in between takes of the lesbian scene in Black Swan, Natalie might’ve mentioned something like, “You’re way better at this than Ashton. We’re doing a new movie together about these friends who have sex…”

And Mila would say, “No way!! JT and I are doing the same thing!”

Then they’d smack five and get back to business. Anyway, seeing that there are two major movies and four mega stars covering the sultry subject, I figured it must be something on the forefront of people’s minds. Just like the premise of the movies, having a “friend with benefits” (also known as a f*ck buddy), seems like a great idea in theory when in between relationships, but as everyone could guess (without having to sit through the movies or spend $15 a ticket) it never turns out quite the way you’d planned.

See it all gets a bit messy when one (if not both) catches stronger than “just friends” feelings. It’s nearly impossible for neither party to get attached when so much time is spent naked and in between the sheets. Sex is a very intimate thing and no matter how modern the woman (or man), sex is always more than just sex. I mean, let’s be serious, would you really sleep with someone you didn’t like… just a little? My verdict? Friends with benefits is always a bad idea.

Now, here’s the part where I bring it full circle by completely contradicting myself. I actually think the best relationships are built between people who have strong friendships. The trick is seamlessly transitioning from best buds to bed buds. The sexy part of relationships always fade (at least a little bit), but the sturdy foundation of friendship can keep a couple afloat.

So what do you think? Would you do the deed with a friend in need?

Whatever you decide, always be safe with your body and mind.