Every now and then I like to do a list of joyous things.  I know people look forward to hearing which wretched social offenses will make the list each week (or maybe are just checking to see if they made the list), but this week (today in particular) I feel so thankful, that it only feels right to express that.  I have far too much to be grateful for to complain.

You see, a year ago, I boarded a plane from JFK to LAX.  I had no idea at that time that one trip would change the entire course of my life, but it did.  Without revealing all details of the story (it will make a much better novel- and perhaps big budget film), I found myself in a real life love story.  I never used my return ticket.  I changed the return date a few times before just canceling it altogether.  And here I am.

  1. Craft stores (namely Michaels). 
  2. Light up floors.  I mean, why not? 
  3. Surprises.  Especially those of the birthday kind. 
  4. Hot air balloon rides. 
  5. Wedding cake samples (even if they spelled my name wrong…) 
  6. My parents’s wedding pictures (and my mom’s hooded bridesmaids!). 
  7. Being greeted at the airport with absolutely ridiculous helium balloons. 
  8. Dry erase tables.  How cool is that? 
  9. The smell of jasmine. Intoxicating. 
  10. Ocean views.