Clearly, I’ve been spending a lot more time on wedding blogs as of late.  They have become a part of my daily web reconnaissance.  The problem is that they all look exactly the same.  Now, I don’t blame the blogs for this.  I blame the people having weddings.  Why do people spend so much time and money trying to make their weddings “different” when they all come out looking like carbon copies?

I can almost predict the photos.  The “rustic setting”, the homemade stationery.  How utterly ironic.  What? Did you turn into a hipster the minute you got engaged?

*Disclaimer: This is not for anyone who has already had a wedding and may have incorporated some of these details.  This is for the fine ladies out there planning their pending nuptials.  Please break the monotony.

Here are the top ten wedding trends that probably need to stop. Like, right now:

  1. Paper banners with kitschy sayings. 
  2. Cupcakes.  They are $&*#ing awesome!!!! We know. 
  3. Macaroons.  They look pretty, but no one wants to eat them.
  4. Using lettuce for your floral decorations.  Okay, this isn’t lettuce, these are called succulents (emphasis on suck).

  5. Mason jars.  No one wants to drink out of something that may have once contained bolts.
  6. Color coordinated candy bars. 
  7. The shoe picture. Might be the bride.  Might be the bride and the groom.  Either way… this picture will happen.
  8. Speaking of shoes… cowboy boots.
  9. … and TOM’s. 
  10. Mustaches. Did I miss something? 

Let’s be serious.  This is really just my cry for help.  If anyone has some great wedding blog suggestions, please send them my way.  You can also hold me accountable if any of this stuff ends up at my wedding.



All photos courtesy of Style Me Pretty