As promised, it rained all weekend here. I don’t know about you, but when the sky is grey, my thighs get hungry. However, I’ve gotten back onboard the health train and had to deny my womanly thighs their cries for all things comfort food and instead placate them with something that was delicious, yet still healthy. While Jewish sausage and cheese omelets were being cooked up in my kitchen, I crafted up my very own delightful meal. It may look like dessert for breakfast (and as a matter of fact, tasted like it), but this breakfast was low in calories, high in thigh satisfaction. Behold, the thigh pleaser:

What you need:

  • Fage 0% Greek Yogurt
  • Cherries (sliced)
  • Honey
  • Only thing I would add? Some sliced almonds for a little crunch.

What you do:

You’re kidding, right? Yogurt in bowl. Sliced cherries on top. Drizzle honey. Eat!

So during this whole “cherry extravaganza” I also decided to partake in my own little science experiment. You know how they often reference “cherry stained lips”? Well, I wanted to know if you could, in fact, stain your lips with cherries. So, I went ahead and rubbed my ripe little lips (and cheeks) with cherries, but alas, nothing. Moral of the story? Cherries are for eating.

live and laugh at it all!