A friend of mine who also just recently left the greatest city on Earth (New York) and I were discussing the stupidity that we encounter on a daily basis.  It became clear to both of us that it doesn’t matter which side of the globe you’re on… there’s always enough material for “the list.”

  1. People who were hating on the Royal Wedding and/or Kate Middelton’s dress(es).  I mean, come on. Have you not one romantic bone in your body? and re: her dress?  Smart girl, she’s not going to look back years from now and say, “Drat, I wish I hadn’t worn those silly puffed sleeves!”  She is going to be in history books, people. 
  2. At the same rate, people who were fully obsessed with the Royal Wedding to the point of taking off from work.  I love a good fairytale, but we do live in America (and there is such a thing as DVR).
  3. Hey aspiring talent: Taylor Swift isn’t the greatest singer and her songs all sound the same, but she’s pretty. You’re not.
  4. Family decals on vehicles. Totally unnecessary.
  5. People who insist on leaving those sexy bluetooth earpieces in long after the phone call is over.
  6. Five hour delivery windows.  Especially when they come fifteen minutes before the window is over.
  7. Restaurants that serve pizza, tacos, kebabs, and sushi all under the same roof.  I don’t trust that.  Pick one thing and be good at it. 
  8. Coffee breath.
  9. Fluorescent lighting in dressing rooms.  That’s just cruel and can’t possibly help sales.
  10. Tornadoes.  Toto, we’re not in Kansas anymore.