Oh, hello there. Yes, I’ve been MIA for a moment or two, but much like a boomerang, I always return.  This time with fun news to announce soon. Anyway, we return to our regularly scheduled program in 3, 2, 1…

With Facebook driving up divorce rates, it’s clear Granny is shaking her head somewhere and we have entered another realm of dating hell.  We are long gone from the days of sock hops, corsages, and soda fountains.  Forget about opening doors and sending flowers.  We’re doing dating 2.0 and it’s not your grandmother’s dating.

Nowadays you can log onto sites like Ashley Maddison that will help you orchestrate an affair and there are more dating websites than you can shake a stick at. However, you don’t even need to go to such extremes to find love on the web.  Using social platforms like Twitter and Facebook you can connect with just about anyone on the planet.  All you need is access to a computer (with warranty that covers laptop repairs in Ipswich so you don’t miss a moment with your potential true love), internet connection, and hungry loins.

I remember falling prey to creeps “trolling” the internet back in the early days of Myspace and Facebook (thank heavens for privacy settings!), but guys aren’t the only predators on the internet these days.  Many girls “tweet” and “poke” at boys who catch their eye.  A lot of females are very forward and outright pushy when pursuing the objects of their affection.  By being so “easy” and available to guys, women are simply making it that much harder on themselves.  See, the more you chase the less trouble fellas go to in order to woo you and win your heart.  Kiss hand written love letters and picnics in the park goodbye.

I’m fairly certain that the internet is ruining dating, relationships, and worst of all, chivalry.  Forget only a phone call away.  It’s become clear that people are just a few key strokes away.  Ask me out via Facebook, Twitter, email, or DailyBooth and watch how quickly you’re unfriended, unfollowed, or sitting alone listening to the sound of crickets.

Would you take a gamble on internet lovin’?