Today I did something that I really dread doing.  No, I didn’t go to the dentist.  Not the gyno either.  I went to get a haircut.  Ever since I moved to Los Angeles and my old hairdresser moved out of the states, I have not done a thing to my hair.  No color, no cutting, no nothing.  I have a hard time trusting just anyone with the care of my hair.  Finally, I gave in as I stared at my straggly strands.  It was high time to care of the straw I was calling “hair.”  I headed over to Neihule Salon, crossed my fingers, and hoped for the best.

Luckily, I was in good hands.  The woman in charge of the fate of my locks was Whitney Thomas.  I told her all about my follicle fears and she understood.  She showed me how much she was going to cut and made sure I was okay with it.  A wash, snip, and blow dry later, I left with shiny, bouncy, freshly trimmed hair.

I did my due diligence by coming home and inspecting every square inch of my head to make sure I loved it.  I did.  (So, if you’re scissor shy just like me, I’d head on over and give Whitney a visit).  I felt even better about my new ‘do when I saw these photos of Brooklyn Decker:

WTF?!  What made Brooklyn do such a thing to her hair?  Did she think looking like Meg Ryan would help her movie career in the Rom-Com arena? Perhaps she thought that this was the hairdo of marital bliss.  (I did see a few moms in my pilates class with the same style).  She spent an awful lot of time on set with Jennifer Anniston, so it’s also possible that she figured creating her own “Rachel” would land her a recurring role on a sitcom. Welp, at least her dress was cute.

BTW- she’s TWENTY THREE!  So… did BK get a little scissor happy?

snip, snip.



Photos via JustJared