Another trend that was once a fashion faux pas is double denim.  While you are probably rolling your eyes and ready to click that cute little “x,” hear me out.  Kate Bosworth can clearly do no wrong and here she is as a shining example of how denim on denim can look totally chic.  Britney and JT, on the other hand, are exemplifying that it is possible to have too much of a good thing.

The trick when wearing “denim times two” is to make certain that the pieces are distinctly different shades.  Also, the silhouettes should also be contrasting proportions.  Don’t wear boyfriend jeans with a blousey shirt or vice versa (jeggings and a denim tube top). If you’re going to attempt this somewhat controversial trend, try a dark skinny pant with a loose chambray button down just like Kate.

don’t break my  heart…