I mean, I can’t.  And I am fully aware that by posting this… I’m fueling the very problem I’m trying to extinguish.  All I really want is for Kim Kardashian to just. go. away. NOW.

Here is Kim at the Critic’s Choice Awards (why she is even there is beyond me).  I don’t know if I’m more horrified by the fact that her dress is mere breaths away from splitting at the seams or that Vera Wang is responsible for this monstrosity.  (I had to fact check this because I just could not believe Vera would be affiliated with any part of this).   While it is a departure from her standard spandex hoochie wear… the poor fitting of the gown just makes it appear vulgar.  Listen, silk satin isn’t for everyone, girl.

All I know is that they better have double stitched the back seam.

And with that, Kim K… be gone!