When you work in a creative field, at times you can feel completely sucked dry without an ounce of creativity to spare. It isn’t a job where you see immediate results like sales figures or dolla dolla bills ya’ll, so it is easy to get discouraged.  Creativity comes from a personal place and demands you to constantly put a piece of yourself out there.  At times, it can be completely and utterly exhausting. When I get to that point, it is very very easy for me to want to “sloth.”  However, we all know that slothing is not a healthy place to be.

So, this is as much for me as it is for you:

  • Get Up! There is nothing I love more than lounging in bed all day with my computer.  I mean, who doesn’t want to be able to “work” from bed? Well, beds = slothing. Plus, it’s pretty easy to get caught in a Millionaire Matchmaker marathon (not that I would know or anything). By getting up and making some coffee or tea and opening the blinds for some natural light, you will already be gearing up for a great day.
  • Get Out! Being out in the world will often times trigger something in that pretty little head of yours. Inspiration often strikes you when you least expect it.  Be sure to bring a note pad or better yet, send yourself a text!
  • Read something. (and I do not mean The Superficial or Perez).  Read a book. By reading someone else’s great work, you will most certainly feel inspired to create your own masterpiece. BTW, totes nothing wrong with reading gossip blogs… guilty pleasure and great source of fugly celeb outfits.
  • Disconnect. By being constantly inundated with texts, BBM’s, IM’s,Facebook, Twitter, and on and on…. it’s really easy to get distracted. As Rachel Zoe might say, “Shut. It. Down.”
  • Gimme a break. I know that many of us have “deadlines” but when you try and force a square peg into a round hole… well, you know the outcome.  Take a little break and work on something else.  When you come back to your project, you’ll have a fresh perspective.

With that said, I’m closing my Mac and going to sip on some coffee before taking a run.  When I return, expect something rivaling that of the Sistine Chapel… or at least another post.