Taylor Momsen was criticized not so long about when she made remarks about young girls needing to “learn yourself first.”  She also let it be known that she is an advocate for female masturbation and considers her vibrator her best friend. While, her comments were a bit shocking coming from a seventeen year old, I think she may very well be on to something.

For so long, girls have been taught that sex and especially masturbation are “bad.”  Both have almost been made to feel shameful for young ladies.  Meanwhile, boys go through the whole Vaseline by the nightstand phase without a bit of guilt.  Girls need to learn what feels good.  So many are under the impression that sex and submission is to impress boys and never really learn what and where all their pieces and parts do and are. Maybe if girls realized they could make themselves feel good, they wouldn’t give it up so easily.  Perhaps then we wouldn’t be bombarded with shows like Sixteen and Pregnant and Teen Moms.

Not convinced  yet? Even Oprah hosted a show about this very topic. During the show, her guest, Dr. Berman, agreed that young girls should learn about orgasms and self pleasure in order to take control over their own sexuality and in the process avoid unhealthy sexual experiences, get more information at supremasi.top.  Some of you may be blushing as you read this, but with only 30% of women regularly having orgasms from sex, seems to me like we all could use a little education and perhaps a little help from our battery operated friends.

What do you think?