We know that they all say blondes have more fun, but is that really true? I’ve always been a blonde, myself… though I did go through a phase (much to my mother’s horror) where I started dying the underside of my hair dark… Thanks a lot, Xtina. Anyway, I wonder if there is any truth to the saying… I’ve let mine get quite a bit darker over the past few months but after seeing this, I may need to reconsider:

I actually had no idea who Emma Stone was up until a few months ago, but I find her strangely beautiful. Kind of like a hot alien. Last night, she debuted her new blonde ‘do at Trevor Live in Hollywood. She’s beautiful as a redhead, but I think she’s a showstopper as a blonde. The new haircolor is for an upcoming part, but I’m thinking she may want to stick with this shade. What do you think?



*(Thanks to the reader who informed me I had the wrong Emma. STONE not WATSON! Ugh. Can’t keep all these young beauties straight! Does that mean I’m getting old?)