So, I was scrolling through photos from last night’s red carpet arrivals for the American Music Awards and I stopped dead in my tracks when I saw the stunning Taylor Swift. She traded in her trademark ringlets for a very sleek, very sexy blowout with thick bangs (I’m calling a trend here, folks!). I felt like just giving up after seeing her. She’s so beautiful that she could have just as easily been a model. Sigh…

After I recovered, I continued perusing the photos from last night and stopped yet again, when I saw the lovely Avril Lavigne. I’m not sure what this little lady’s been up to lately other than some tabloid snippets here and there about her dating Brody Jenner, but homegirl looks great! The craziest part is that she eerily resembles Miss Swift. I don’t know whether Avril should be flattered or Taylor should be insulted. Or maybe they should just smack five and model walk away. I can’t decide. Life’s hard.

I get that Taylor has a solid 8 inches of height on Avril, but come on, tell me the resemblance isn’t a little crazy. Both are gorgeous blondes with perfect porcelain skin… not to mention they are both embracing some serious graphic design with their dresses.