Have no fear, people. I will never let you down with the list.This week is a dedicated edition to break ups. They are hard, we know. Here are the ten things you need to do IMMEDIATELY upon breaking up to avoid any prolonging of pain for either party:

  1. Change relationship status on Facebook.
  2. Unfriend on Facebook/Unfollow on Twitter. You may as well do this while having the break up talk.
  3. Untag all pictures of the two of you looking blissful.
  4. Unfriend any of his/her friends that came as part of the package deal.
  5. Delete all electronic evidence of a former relationship: pictures, emails, voicemails, text messages, phone number, etc.
  6. Delete all physical evidence of a former relationship: clothing, beauty products, cards, letters, pictures, “mementos”, hair ties, etc.
  7. Cancel any pending plans: trips, plane tickets, outings.
  8. Return anything of value that may have been left as residual (COD, of course).
  9. If breakup is particularly ugly or protracted, implement blocks on Facebook, Twitter, phone, email.
  10. Remember there was a reason (or many) you took steps 1-9. Don’t look back.

Enjoy being single!