Let’s just get back to the basics, folks. Ready. Set. Go.

  1. Ultimatums. They never work.
  2. Lauren Conrad and her “style” book. I can’t. There is nothing original about dark skinny jeans and ruffled LBD’s. I’m sorry (no I’m not).
  3. Boys in berets. They are meant for mimes, and French girls.
  4. Amateurs posing as professionals.
  5. People who feel the need to discuss their political views via social networks. This goes double for those who are uneducated.
  6. Men wearing UGGs. I’m confused. You must be too.
  7. Forget 16 and Pregnant… I have a problem with the show I Didn’t Know I Was Pregnant. HOW? How did you not know?
  8. Stretch Hummer limos (bonus points if it’s white, triple points if you aren’t on your way to senior prom or a bachelorette party). Stop. It.
  9. Bloggers who can’t spell. I understand a type-o here and there. Happens to the best of us… but it’s called f*#8ing SPELL CHECK. See that red squiggly line?
  10. People who partake in strange behavior on airplanes. This includes but is not limited to: eating pickled eggs, painting nails, and wearing disguises.

Ugh. I need a drink.