1. The Hills finale. Um, wait, what?
  2. Teen Moms- why is there a show about this?
  3. Bubble hems. Please cease to exist. Thanks. romeosack
  4. French pedicures. #%&*!!?!! Who is still getting these? Better yet, who ever did?
  5. People on the back of the plane who jump up immediately upon landing. Sit down, you’re gonna be here a while. lens5938892_1248409507Airplane_Travel_with_Kids_Intro_3
  6. Geisha House.douchebag_realthing
  7. Bromance. You’re two stops short of Gayville and one stop short of bi.
  8. Shape Ups. The lazy person’s “workout.” (Especially when worn to the gym).
  9. Coffee mugs that are too #%#^ing big to hold.
  10. iPhone4.

Finally where I should be. Have a good weekend.