You know what time it is:

  1. The man on the train with bongo drums. See my iPod? I’m good, but thanks.
  2. Tapestry luggage. CM257
  3. Airhorns.
  4. Flames on anything besides a fire.
  5. Bluetooth headsets. You know when you see people chatting away to themselves and you think they are totally insane? Who the eff are you talking to?hands-free-cell-phone
  6. The phrase, “We’ve got them by the short and curlies.”
  7. Ocho Cinco’s flesh colored DWTS outfit. Prob. what did him in.Picture 1
  8. Ocho Cinco’s new dating show.
  9. Ocho Cinco.
  10. Men who don’t flush the toilets in unisex public bathrooms. Yeah, I’m talking to you, shirtless guy at Soho House.