Oh, how I miss New York.  While the air here smells better and things are a little more relaxed, there are times when I miss smog and angry commuters.  So, I decided I would check in on my fair city… just to see what it was up to…


Here is where I’d like to go ahead and throw out the, “Illegal Use of Shorts Card.”  There comes a time in a woman’s life where she must come to terms with the fact that short shorts are no longer her “thing.”  Moving right along, her shirt seems to be falling off or perhaps she didn’t realize that the shoulder part goes on her actual shoulders. While side boob is the new cleavage, there is such a thing as too much of a good thing.  As far as the earrings, ya hear me knockin’? Well, let me in!


You’ve got your jazz hands up, don’t you?  I do.  I can’t tell if she’s a snazzy flight attendant for a new trendy airline or if she snuck into my collection of dance recital costumes from childhood.  Either way…


No, Donna Martin isn’t making promotional appearances. However, it does seem that someone is in the wrong zipcode… as well as decade.


I’m not sure what’s going on here. I wish we could have gotten a frontal view of this little getup.  All I know is that she’s not smiling and neither am I. 


I don’t care whether this young lady is a go-go dancer or not. Her outfit is completely WRONG.   I can’t tell if she was going for naughty school girl or table cloth. I’m leaning towards the latter because she has rolls in a couple of places that you normally should not. Pass the butter, please.


Houston, we have a problem.  I don’t know if she’s in the army, navy, or girlscouts, but in any case, I’m hoping her outfit goes AWOL. 


The original GPS.  Garmin, what?


She took high waisted jeans to a whole new level.  Did she learn nothing from that unfortunate Jessica Simpson incident?


I am without words… and well, that never happens.


Psst! I can see your bra! Oh? That was intentional? Well, you also forgot your pants. Oh? That’s a dress?


Oy, I think I’ll stay a little longer in WV.