Okay… this is going to basically go against all that is “WhyDid”, but I can’t help it. I am gaga over Lady Gaga.  She is so beyond ridiculous that I can’t help but adore her.  She takes wearing leggings as pants one step further and wears tights as pants (that is if she wears pants at all).  You have probably jammed out to her songs like “Just Dance” and “Poker Face” out at the clubs.  Her entire album (mostly) is amazing, but that’s not why I love her.

She is a total trainwreck, but makes absolutely no excuses for it.  As a matter of fact, I bet she doesn’t even realize how absurd she is. You’re probably wondering how on earth I could possibly let her fashion felonies slide under the radar.  Well, here’s why- she isn’t trying.  She really thinks it is absolutely fine to wear a leotard out in public just like you wear your skinny jeans.  I love a woman with a strong sense of style, whether it be my taste or not.  Granted, she is a performer so she gets a little more slack, but I would still give her props if I saw her strutting down the street in Manhattan.  It takes some serious self confidence to own a pair of lace tights, a leotard and sunglasses and that’s exactly what she does- OWNS IT.  You can always tell when someone is wearing something that is totally contrived. She is trying to look “ironic” in their old concert T, neon pants, and “dirty” hair, but it’s blatantly clear it took her two hours to get ready. Find your own style, be true to you, and own it.