I stumbled upon these sexy summer sandals the other day and they got me to thinking…

pg_156265683_thMiu Miu Platform T-strap Sandal, $635

Um, there’s a reason guys love strip clubs.  Okay, yes, they can drink and watch naked girls shake what their mama’s gave them (or daddy’s bought them) and not be nagged about what they left on the floor, but these “ladies” have mastered the art of exuding sex. They know what they are doing with those ridiculously high heels.  Guys love legs. They always have. It’s human nature. Super duper high (supa dupa fly- sorry, Missy Elliot is currently playing) heels can make even the stubbiest little legs look longer and more appealing.

Maybe we could take a little note from these lap dancing ladies. I mean, how many of you have already taken a pole dancing “exercise” class?  So if you’d rather your man steer clear of Scores and hang with you, then you’d better give him a good reason. A girlfriend once asked me for some fashion advice when she knew she was going to see her very recent ex at a birthday party. I simply told her to look as close to a stripper without actually looking like a stripper. It is a very fine line that you do NOT want to cross, but when done correctly, is incredibly effective (kind of like the “bend and snap”- Legally Blonde, duh).

41oljmuisxl_sl217_Bebe Evelyn Snake Ankle Strap Sandal, $159

While those Miu Miu’s are heaven on heels, I’m not bank rolling right now and these platforms from Bebe are a close replacement. Ironic that “Candy” from Sapphire’s is probably in more of a financial position to purchase expensive heels. Sigh…