This is probably a pretty cheap shot, but I must say, Paris Hilton never ceases to amaze me with the crazy contraptions she comes up with.  Here she is at the Grammy’s:


Where, oh where do I begin? I thinkthis may  have started off as an Herve creation, but then something went awry.  My theory? She picked a cute, colorful, and incredibly short dress from the designer, but then she got fancy on us.  After a couple (too many) bellinis, she looked at Tinkerbell and thought to herself, “This would be totally hot if I jazzed it up a little.”  Then she got out her glue gun and bedazzler and went to town.


Good word.  Upon further inspection, it appears that the amazing green shiny fabric is actually chainmail.  I guess she figured if she got into any catfights over who was hotter, it would serve her as armor. Smart girl. (*Bonus: matches her bag too)


Now, I can give credit where credit is due, and Paris is a pretty girl (despite her mildly wonk eye).  However, wtf is up with her Mystic Tan?  She looks like she just came back from an 8 week vacation to the equator.

Thanks again, P. Hil for always delivering us with your unrivaled “fashion sense.”