Why Did You Wear That: Cover Your Bases

By |August 5th, 2014|Why Did You Wear That?|

national underwear day peep showThere are times in life when one must practice a bit of discretion- like the times where my friends have to remind me that what I classify as “shirts” aren’t in reality and in “polite society” considered shirts.  They’re more like long line bralettes.  And honestly, if my bust wasn’t as robust, I might actually be able to get away with a bit more skin.  But alas, that is not the case, so I’ve had to take a quick course in Modesty 101.  This past weekend when I was informed that I would be attending a cocktail party with one of my best gal pals, her boo, and a guy I’d formerly hidden from, I packed one of my favorite T by Alexander Wang backless dresses and heels that I get stopped on the street about.  “Backless” more often than not is synonymous with “bra-less.”  As to not offend my friend, I also stashed one of my secret weapons that I acquired as a lingerie buyer, silicone nipple covers.  Sure, they aren’t exactly sexy (ever wanna look like a department store mannequin?), but they prevent corneal damage and idle cocktail party gossip.  That reminded me of all the little tricks of the trade that I was privy to and wanted to share with my fellow crop top loving cohorts.  Collect these Macgyver approved undergarments below and never let your nipples be the only lasting impression at the party… because it’s just not that kind of party.

calvin klein underwear1. Calvin Klein Underwear Naked Glamour Strapless Push Up Bra, 2. Fashion Forms Silicone Gel Petals, 3. The Natural Fashion Tape and Dispenser, 4. Joie Layering Slip Dress, 5. Commando Classic Thong, 6. Cosabella Never Say Never Flirty Bandeau Bra, 7. Free People Seamless Romper, 8. Les Coquines Anastasia Halter Bralette, 9. Only Hearts Second Skins One Ply Tube