Setting the Mood: Hats Off

By |July 28th, 2014|Setting the Mood|

hat fashion editorialMy mom looks fantastic in a hat.  Any kind.  You name it- from bonnet to bucket- she works the look.  She probably should have been British or born in the mid 18th century.  Fortunately for me, I inherited that trait along with her side stitch inducing humor (am I right?).  In this sizzling summer heat, you may not intuitively reach for a hat, but they are one more step in the right direction towards sun damage defense (more on that here).  In addition to shielding you from the sun’s UV rays, they also prove to be a fantastic way to hide a bad hair day (as witnessed here).eugenia kim fedora sensi studio(from top down): Rag & Bone Leather Trimmed Wool Felt Fedora, Karl Lagerfeld Number 7 Baseball Cap, Sensi Studio Adrian Toquilla Straw Panama Hat,Eugenia Kim Max Feather Trimmed Rabbit Felt Fedora