Red Carpet Recap: I’m Billbored

By |May 21st, 2012|Red Carpet Recap|

billboard music awards red carptApologies for the tardiness of my Billboard Music Awards Red Carpet Recap… my dog, Smitty, was getting his teeth cleaned (see ya later, halitosis) and apparently that’s what the rest of us should have been doing rather than watching anyway. First of all, are we really still letting Chris Brown perform (let alone letting him out of his cage)? Remember when you built your Sunday evening around catching a music awards show? Popcorn and all? They were the “fun” award shows. Well, either I’m getting old or the music industry (and America) need to get it together, STAT. Since, very clearly, it can’t be the former, step it up singers and lady songbirds! Despite the snooze inducing show, the red carpet, as always, did not disappoint… and I don’t necessarily mean that in a good way…

katy perry dita von teeseKaty Perry (in Blumarine) is looking quite the Teese.

julianne hough towel

Julianne Hough saved time by just wearing her Kaufman Franco towel.

carrie underwoood glinda the good witchWearing Oscar de la Renta, Carrie Underwood proves (yet again) there’s no place like home.

miley cyrus tom cruiseWe all know Miley Cyrus isn’t scared of a little Risky Business in Jean Paul Gaultier.

Wait… was this a music award show or a movies award show? Hmph.



How To Tuesday: Paint the Town Red

By |December 21st, 2010|How To Tuesday, Why Don't You Watch?|

Red lips are all over the place lately. Stars from Taylor Swift, to Dita Von Teese, to Beyonce Knowles have been known to sport the shade. So, how does one go about picking out and applying red lipstick so as to look sexy rather than scary? Watch and find out:
A brief recap:
  1. Be sure lips are smooth and kissable.
  2. Prime your pout with lip stain.
  3. Line right inside the lip line (as opposed to outside).
  4. Fill in lips with the correct shade of red lipstick for your skin tone.
  5. Blot and make sure there are no smudges on your teeth (awkward).
Now you’re ready to paint the town red, bombshell.

Boylesque? Why In Gay Hell Not?

By |February 15th, 2010|Why In Gay Hell?|

***WhyDid Warning- Again, this post is a bit racy (let’s say NC-17). Most certainly not for the faint of heart or easily offended.

Sooo, as many of you know it’s Fashion Week here in NYC. I, myself, have been immersed in this craziness doing glam nails for some really amazing designers, but we will blog about that later. In the midst of this fashion whirlwind, I decided to take a much needed break for some fun times with two of the funnest (yes, I said “funnest”) people I know: WhyDidYouWearThat and Mr. Ryan Darius Nickulas. I had recently heard about this Boylesque Show from a great new website I found called The Showt. The Showt is a biweekly email newsletter that gives you the inside track on the best of the best in fashion, nightlife, dining, and culture that your city has to offer. Ryan Darius and I are kinda obsessed with The Showt because it gives the skinny on the newest of new before the HYPE takes over.

So anyway, I got together my Nancy Drew Private Detective Agents and ventured down to Uncle Charlie’s on the Lower East Side (87 Ludlow St. between Broome and Delancey) to investigate this Boylesque Show. Boylesque (if you couldn’t figure it out) is a weekly gay burlesque show that takes place on Saturdays from 11pm-4am.


When we first walked into Uncle Charlie’s, we were a little confused. It’s a long narrow bar that leads to a back room with a very tiny stage.We got there early, around 11pm and the show, itself, does not start til.12:30am. We wanted to ensure we had good seats and boy oh boy, did we. The host of Boylesque is a boy with a lot of personality and goes by the name “GoGo Harder.” GoGo was clad in a jockstrap and some striped knee high gym socks and a little bit of eyeliner. Why in Gay Hell wouldn’t he be?


I will say at first sight, we were a little disappointed. It wasn’t the grand stage we had expected, the crowd didn’t look that excited to be there, and the bar itself kinda smelled. We couldn’t decide if the smell was shit (from the bathroom) or simply the smell of failure. However, this turned out to be like finding a vintage Louis Vuitton bag in  a thrift store. The store at first glance doesn’t look like much, but you know there is a hidden gem buried somewhere inside. Boylesque is the  hidden gem, Uncle Charlie’s is the thrift store.

The show started and we began to understand why The Showt had recommended this as a place to check out. GoGo informed the crowd that the night’s theme was mermaids. I get excited for anything with a mystical creature theme.  The performers are true artists and really know how to put on a good show. The first performer that stole our breath and hearts  away was a boy named Christopher David Bousquet (he goes by Bizkitt). He is a circus trained contortionist. Christopher did two amaze performances: one with hula hoops, and the second was to one of my FAVE songs of all time “Part Of Your World” from The Little Mermaid (WhyDidYouWearThat and I sang along as he performed). Christopher can bend his body in ways I didn’t know were possible and can really work a hula hoop (two things I find incredibly admirable). The second performer who really stood out was Nicholas Gorham. Nicholas is a beautiful man who truly understands performance as art. Nicholas gave a performance that left us wanting more. He looked fierce as he kept a serious face (makeup flawlessly applied) and proceeded to remove his clothing in a way that would’ve made Dita Von Teese proud. Bravo, Nicholas!



The rest of the show was made up of a beautiful singing Mystical Creature in a sparkle hooded cloak, a boy in a dinosour costume, and to close the night with a bang, a man who goes by the name Machine who revealed his privates which were clad in a pink fishnet body stocking. It was really a great night and I will be back to Uncle Charlie’s soon to see these amazing Boylesque boys again! Why In Gay Hell wouldn’t I go back? It’s like Pinkberry, I want more. I truly think this is a show everyone (gay or straight) should experience at some point in their life. Sooo with that being said, who’s coming with me?