whydid-for-love-and-lemons2It’s no secret that I work from home.  And while most of my photos portray me as pulled together, a majority of the time, I’m either barely clothed or clothed in a manner not suitable for public consumption.  Then there come those times where I’m beckoned in for a face to face with a client or colleague.  All hell breaks loose and the cold sweats start.  I haven’t worked in a proper office environment in several (six) years.  And even when I did, they were hardly the corporate type.

There have been times where I just said, “F&ck it,” and shown up in a crop top with slacks.  Other times I have skewed to the other side channeling my inner Amish.  The fact of the matter is, the last time I owned or wore a blazer was when I attended private school and was forced to wear one (along with a tie) on a daily basis.  Maybe it’s the type of thing like when your parents forbid you from wearing makeup only to later rebel by looking like Mimi Bobek.

Then along came this little number from For Love and Lemons and all my memories of cafeterias and study hall vanished.  The Bianca Blazer Dress is what all those schoolgirl fantasies are made of.  Implied but innocent.  Provocative yet prude.  What’s under that blazer?  The world may never know– just like I never will know why we had study hall.





Photos by Michael Stiegler