holiday wreathUgly sweater party season is upon us.  I am fortunate enough to have wonderful friends who know better than to invite me to such a terrifying event.  They also know a lot of other things, like how to throw great parties.  One of the most gracious gifts friends can give us during the holidays is opening up their homes (whether a massive mansion or teeny studio) to host a festive get together.  In a city like New York, friends fast become second families and there’s a reason things like “Friendsgiving” exist.  Something my mother taught me from the time I was invited to slumber parties was to never arrive empty handed.  I diligently practice this form of social etiquette to this day and always arrive bearing gifts, whether they be basic bottles of wine or a bags full of glowsticks.  I never arrive unannounced or empty handed and to ensure that you will be invited to next year’s fete, I suggest you do the same (and avoid using your dinner napkin as a headwrap).  Below are my picks for gifts to thank your generous hosts for having you this holiday season.

hostess holiday gift guide

Baccarat Dom Perignon Flutes, $240C. Wonder Pop Fizz Cocktail Shaker, $38Alexandra von Furstenberg Fearless Coasters, $125 Lia Bottlestopper, $64Georg Jensen Wine & Bar Gift Set, $195Match Lucido Pitcher, $185Gift Boutique Piedmont Slate Cheese Board, $99Jonathan Adler Blanc Candle, $78Kim Seybert Paillette Wine Decanter, $177Bombki Little New York Set of Five Glass Baubles, $85