new york cityIt’s true.  I’m in love.  And this time I think it may actually work out.

That’s because I’ve fallen for the city where I live.  Now, I realize this probably doesn’t come as a surprise to some of you, but let’s not forget about that time I left New York for somewhere sunnier and, well, new.  You see, just like any relationship, the bond can either be broken or bolstered by a break.  For me, it has most certainly cemented my feelings for Manhattan.

It occurred to me while walking Smitty one morning (my most favorite part of the day, followed closely by Pilates) that my heart was full and it wasn’t thanks to some dapper dude.  Every neighborhood has something new to discover and so long as you keep your eyes peeled, you’ll notice something you’d never noticed before every single day.  Sometimes I try and put into words how magical this city is, but no one can truly understand it until they’ve been here, especially during those few weeks of spring before the city turns into an involuntary sauna.  People here say, wear, and do the strangest things.  I often just find myself smiling at the peculiar behavior and “devil may care” demeanor.  That is, of course, right before I flip out and reach into my expletive word bank.  And so, I’ve been keeping my camera handy, trying to capture the moments that capture me to share with you.

And just when you think it can’t get any more magical, the wind blows and petals sprinkle down on you like confetti.

Let’s never fight again.



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