kirsten smith smittyWhile perusing the closets at my mom’s house at  home one chilly autumn evening, I stumbled upon a really special t-shirt.  I can’t imagine it belonged to my mother. My best guess is that it belonged to my eldest brother, Adam… but who knows, right?  Maybe Georgia was feeling especially rebellious one afternoon and went ahead and purchased said t-shirt and proceeded to rip off the sleeves.  One never knows.  What I do know is that I don’t pass up a good find, so this shirt was immediately adopted into my wardrobe.  Smitty is a big fan of said t-shirt.  This is his motto after all.

kirsten smith whydid

sequin leggings dog kirsten

sequin leggings

a girl and her dog

kirsten smith smitty in the city

shirt: vintage, leggings: Romeo & Juliet Couture, shoes: vintage Nine West

So take a tip from Smitty and don’t be a…