baby rompersThis shouldn’t be news to you, but I love rompers.  If there’s a romper on the rack, most likely it’s going to end up in my closet.  Sure they’re really annoying when you have to use the ladies’ room and not the best choice when going in for a Brazilian, but they are one step dressing (Why do you think babies like them so much?).  Which leads me to my point… Frocks have been getting all the attention.  Rompers are all like, “Marcia, Marcia, Marcia.”  Well, fact is, rompers are my Marcia.  And this week, they will be yours as well.

rompers1. findersKEEPERS Let It Rain Playsuit, $143, 2. Free People Printed Romper, $88, 3. Motel Janet Romper, $90, 4. Equipment Earl Floral Print Washed Silk Playsuit, $280, 5. Forever 21 Crisscross Romper, $13.50, 6. Forever 21 Floral Surplice Back Romper, $19.80, 7. Marc by Marc Jacobs Light Hearted Button Front Romper, $186, 8. Motel Silky Suplice Jet Romper, $90, 9. Washborn Striped Romper, $88, 10. Anna Sui Heart Print Cotton/Silk Blend Playsuit, $400