suspension bridgeEven the smallest cities have a great deal of history.  My hometown, Wheeling, West Virginia, is no exception.  As a matter of fact, every time I turn my head, I spot another area deemed a “Historic District.”  One such spectacular piece of history is the Wheeling Suspension Bridge, which spans 1,010 feet across the Ohio River.  Built in 1849, it has quite literally stood the test of time.

So, rather than poo poo your place of birth, do a little research on your city’s history.  You never know what interesting artifacts you may uncover.

watch and belt

girl on a bridge

wheeling suspension bridge

girl with straw hatdress: Band of Gypsies, hat: Big Buddha, belt: vintage, clutch: vintage, sandals: Dolce Vita, watch: Michael Kors

Get that Wheeling feeling.