Pumpkins aren’t the only stars of fall.  Many a city girl may venture off in search of an orchard in order to capture herself the first perfect ruby red fruit of the season.  For some reason, all the apple picking makes me think of plaid and capes… which then leads me to think about one of my favorite storybook characters, Little Red Riding hood.  There’s such a combination of wide eyed naivete and dark mischief to that tale.  And I think there lies a little of each in all of us.  Fall is the most magical season of the year (and a good reason to live in the Northeast).  There’s just something about it that stirs up nostalgia and creates excitement.  Yet another one of life’s little contradictions.

Are you afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?




Cape: Burberry Brit Leather Trimmed Wool Cape, $650

Pants: Etoile Isabel Marant Gary Tartan Wool Cropped Pants, $385

Shoes: Bloch Gwen Studded Leather Brogues, $295