The only thing more important at the beach than your swimsuit (and choice of juicy beach read) is your coverup.  Long gone are the days of hokey sarongs.  No need to channel Aunt Gertrude in a silly muumuu.  A coverup should be light, sexy, and able to transform from beachside to barside.  There are so many options now that I had a hard time narrowing them down to a few of my favorites.

1. Nightcap Clothing Jungle Lace Caftan Coverup, $320, 2. Anna Kosturova Magnolia Dress, $266, 3. Vitamin A Shantung Coverup, $88, 4. Beach Bunny I Want You To Want Me, $289, 5. Vix Solid Ana Short Dress, $124, 6. Letarte Popcorn Sleeveless Tunic, $198, 7. Mara Hoffman Chiffon Coverup, $308, 8. Zimmerman Copy Cat Silk Swing Dress, $345

Don’t forget some strappy sandals and my beach bag essentials to complete the look.




Photo via Kristie Colon